Contested Divorce necessitates experience and a creative approach. Contested Divorce means that parties seeking divorce petition the relevant family court for the dissolution of their marriage. A spouse seeking divorce has to use one of the grounds provided under the law for contested divorce.

There are different laws dealing with contested divorce for the different section of the Society. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides ground for divorce for Hindus which includes Sikh, Jain and Budh religion. Indian Divorce Act,1869, provides grounds for divorce for Christian. Special Marriage Act provides grounds for divorce for people married under civil law and whose marriages are registered under Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Common Grounds for Divorce

  • Divorce on the ground of Adultery
  • Divorce on the ground of Cruelty
  • Divorce on the ground of Desertion
  • Divorce on the ground of Conversion to another religion
  • Divorce on the ground of Unsoundness of mind or mental disorder
  • Divorce on the ground of Virulent and Incurable form of leprosy
  • Divorce on the ground of Venereal disease
  • Divorce on the ground of Renounce the World
  • Divorce on the ground of Not heard for a period of seven years or more
  • Besides above, there are couples of additional grounds for divorce available only to female.


Every case has its own unique situation and circumstances. Every individual is different from the others. Their experiences are as well. In our journey of now close to two decades, we have seen, met, and dealt with thousands of contested divorce cases. We have followed and improved our ability to gel and align with the viewpoint of a spouse seeking or defending a contested divorce. This approach helps us present the case as you suffered and faced it during your marriage. We present the case in accordance with the changing nuances of the law and the courtroom. As lawyers, we adopt this approach but never abandon our duty to engage in an objective manner, considering your ultimate interest at the core of the approach. We know the importance. Lives are stake. We take up the responsibility with commitment and sincerity. We strive to give the journey our full attention. 

Contested divorce necessitates the use of expert divorce lawyers, whether prosecuting or defending the divorce case. Such an expert divorce lawyer guides, strategizes, and plans the whole action. Effective planning by divorce lawyers increases the probability of success in the trial of the contested divorce.

Divorce is a lengthy process that necessitates meticulous professional work and approach. Good divorce lawyers take on these challenging and arduous tasks with expertise and credibility, being your counsellors through turbulent and emotional times.

Contested divorce is time-consuming as well. We have learned about the process of early disposal of the case by engaging in different ways and means. We can reduce the normal time without expertise and experience.

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