With the growth of the Indian Economy and the infrastructure development taking front seat and the Government stressing on ease of doing business, various new legislations have been enacted by the parliament in the field of property laws, such as Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Commercial Courts, Apartment Laws, Amendments in Specific Relief Act, Land Acquisition reforms, Amendments in Arbitration and Conciliation Act.

Nidhi Choudhary Advocate and Associates has a dedicated team of Lawyers in the field of property laws led by its Founding Partner Advocate Nidhi Kaila Choudhary, who are committed to deliver and cater to the needs of its clients after understanding the requirements and advising the clients within the realms of the law and providing best of the solutions available under law. The lawyers at Nidhi Choudhary Advocate and Associates are meticulous, hardworking and are updated with the changing laws and keep their clients updated as well.

Acquisition of land: Nidhi Choudhary Advocate and Associates provides complete solutions starting from due diligence of Land to be acquired for commercial development  including title search, fitment for the purpose of acquisition, requirement of statutory compliances.

Legal advice for approvals from concerned authorities and clearance of glitches in starting the project smoothly in a given time frame.

Advice, Strategy making and drafting of Builder Buyer agreements , Service Contracts, Employment Contracts, Joint Development Agreements and MOUs and all Ancillary legal assistance keeping in view any prospective litigation and defence thereof.

The wide range of advisory and litigation services in matters under following laws as amended upto date:

  • Commercial Courts Act, 2015
  • Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
  • Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • Specific Relief Act, 1963
  • Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  • Easement Act, 1882
  • Registration Act, 1908
  • Stamp Act, 1899
  • Rent Laws
  • Apartment and Property Regulation Laws
  • Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
  • Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
  • Land Acquisition Act, 1894
  • Acquisitions under the National Highways Act, 1956